Let the Children March

By Monica Clark-Robinson Illustrated by Frank Morrison Reviewed by Mary Bishop This wonderful children’s story has me wondering, “where was this material when I was growing up?” Teaching the Civil Rights Movement by relaying the biographies of singular heroes has its merits, but showing how children, the brave and uncredited many, were a pivotal part […]

Black is a Rainbow Color

Written by Angela Joy Illustrated by Ekua Holmes Reviewed by Miles Hartfelder Black history is rich, vibrant, and filled with heroes. Famous figures intermingle with famous movements and describe a story of a marginalized population persevering through deep injustice. With this book, Black is a Rainbow Color, the Black experience is retold in powerful poetry […]

Under The Same Sun

Under The Same Sun Written by Sharon Robinson and illustrated by AG Ford Reviewed by Lucie Wharton-Moeur Early Elementary Picturebook The book Under The Same Sun is a beautiful story about an extended family living on separate continents. According to the author’s note, the story is based on the author’s lived family experience. The story […]

Born on the Water

Authors: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Renèe Watson Illustrator: Nikkolas Smith Reviewed by: Erin Healy This story is powerful. A part of the 1619 Project, this book tells the origin story of Black Americans from Ndongo before they were enslaved. We see people who had full, rich lives. Who had knowledge and culture and joy. Until one […]